BundlesCMS roadmap


  • Make sure all deprecations are gone (to be ready for SF 3.0)
  • Sort nested pagepart items (up/down arrow) #865
  • Make own things deprecated that will be removed in 4.0
  • Re-initialize page based on an other language (copy from other language when page is already created) #977


  • Add Google oauth integration for admin users as extra login option #1119
  • Better translations (always use keys + support more languages)


  • Make bundles compatible with Elasticsearch 2.x


  • Symfony 3.0
  • Remove old migrate commands that were used to migrate to previous versions
  • Remove LiveReloadBundle and LanguageChooserBundle

v4.x.x (priority will be decided later)

  • A general API to expose pages/pageparts/media/... so it can be uses by other platforms/apps/...
  • More advanced ROLE system for admin interface (TRANSLATOR_ROLE, USER_MANAGEMENT_ROLE, ...)