The Kunstmaan Admin bundle supplies your project with a basic, elegant backend interface you can modify and extend so you can make your perfect admin module. The clean interface makes it straightforward for you and the people working with it to change settings and modify content.

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Managing forms, fields and their submissions by the user is a key functionality missing in most platforms. By leveraging the KunstmaanPagePartBundle system in the KunstmaanFormBundle users gain an easy way to create and manage the form on their website, again without having to worry about the technical side of things.

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If you're like us, you like to build applications without having to do the same things over and over again and dislike copy/pasting code and change a couple of words every time you need feature X. The KunstmaanGeneratorBundle gives you the possibility to generate code for new bundles, adminlists and can even make you a basic default website. That way you don't have to wait too long before you see some results and you have more time to do other things. Easy no?

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All websites need pages(we call them nodes) but you probably don't want to spend too much time building them. Plus they should look pretty and contain the right content and that takes time. We make sure you have to spend less time managing your pages but still offer you flexibility so you can focus on more important tasks and don't have to worry about it.

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To build your perfect website you probably need images, video's or maybe even a presentation too. The Kunstmaan Media Bundle handles all those media assets and centralizes them so you can find your content just the way you like it: fast and efficiently. No central asset management module is useful without some pretty advanced image editing functionality. To provide this we have integrated the Aviary image editing service right from the interface.

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The KunstmaanPagePartBundle forms the basis of our content management framework. A page built using a composition of blocks names pageparts. These pageparts allow you to fully separate the data from the presentation so non-technical webmasters can manage the website. Every page can have it's own list of possible pageparts, and pageparts are easy to create for your specific project to allow for rapid development.

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Annotating content with metadata for social sharing and seo purposes cannot be overlooked nowadays. The KunstmaanSeoBundle contains default editing functionality for OpenGraph data, meta descriptions, keywords and titles and Metriweb tags. Because the metatagging and tracking options are always changing, a free field to add custom header information is provided as well.

Keywords: kunstmaan, seo, cms, opengraph, meta


This bundle uses the KunstmaanSearchBundle to search through Nodes from the KunstmaanNodeBundle

Keywords: kunstmaan, node, search, elasticsearch


The KunstmaanSearchBundle works with ElasticSearch and supports different search providers. The bundle currently supports Elastica as a provider. Add your own objects to index using a tagged service which implements the SearchConfigurationInterface

Keywords: kunstmaan, search, elasticsearch


Every website contains several lists of content ranging from articles on a blog, to drop down values. The KunstlaanAdminListBundles takes CRUD a step further by supplying filtering, exports to csv and editing capabilities to these content entities.

Keywords: kunstmaan, cms, crud


The KunstmaanMediaPagePartBundle is a pagepart that can be used on the KunstmaanPagePartBundle. It is a separate bundle to prevent a tight coupling between the KunstmaanPagePartBundle and the KunstmaanMediaBundle.



The KunstmaanUtilitiesBundle makes your life easier by providing a couple of small but usefull helper services you can use and re-use in your applications. We already implemented an easy to use cipher service and a shell helper service for you but feel free to send in a pull request with your additions. The shell helper allows you to run apps in the background, see if a process is running and has a method to kill a running process. The cipher service allow you to encode and decode strings using the Rijndael 256 cipher

Keywords: kunstmaan, cms, utilities, cipher


Extends the MinkContext and adds some additional (sub)contexts like creating a screenshot when a step fails or wait for Ajax to finish before continuing assertPageContainsText()

Keywords: kunstmaan, cms, behat

Some new bundles in the pipeline


A lot of sites enable users to vote or participate in actions where Facebook Likes are counted and rewarded. The KunstmaanVotingBundle was created to allow a faster setup of that kind of actions and will provide a backlog of votes your users casted. That way you can look for irregularities and automatically stop campains when their deadline has expired. It will provice support for votes on your site only but also for external social networks as Facebook so you can worry about you ideas and not how to implement it.

Keywords: kunstmaan, cms, social, voting


A bundle which enables editing translations in the admin interface without need for editing the translations files. Translations will be stored in a (default) database and retrieved on the most efficient way possible.

Keywords: kunstmaan, translator, translations


The KunstmaanLiveReloadBundle injects the livereload script from grunt-contrib-watch into your html page.

Keywords: kunstmaan, cms, livereload


Add articles to your website. Use the KunstmaanGeneratorBundle to generate a new Overview/Detail article section for your website

Keywords: kunstmaan, cms, article, news


A sitemap bundle to generate a sitemap for your Kunstmaan bundles website based on its Nodes

Keywords: kunstmaan, cms, sitemap


Uses FabienPennequin/DoctrineExtensions-Taggable to add tagging to the Kunstmaan bundles

Keywords: kunstmaan, cms, tag, tagging


The Kunstmaan Language chooser bundle supplies your project with basic but extendible language chooser

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