For some projects, we were asked to create custom popups/modals to generate extra leads: newsletter subscriptions, pdf downloads, etc... First, we tried to use existing services (like SumoMe, OptiMonk, ...) to create and configure those popups/modals, but we were not completely satisfied for a couple of reasons:

  • The pricing; especially when you have multiple domains for one project and/or have a lot of visitors
  • It is not possible to define custom rules when the popups/modals should appear; you are limited to the set of rules the service provides
  • It is not easy to change the look and feel of the popup to match the website styling; the styling needs to be done in the admin interface of the service, so you need to keep the site's css in sync with the css in the admin interface
  • The popup services loads extra resources: javascript, css, images, some more javascript, etc...; ideally all those resources are combined in the sites minified js, css, ...
  • ...

So we decided to build our own fully customizable lead generation solution, that is already merged in the master branch of the KunstmaanBundlesCMS. Below an example.

The popups and their rules can be configured via the administrator interface. In the example below, the "newsletter subscription" popup will appear when these rules are all met:

  • When the visitors scrolled down and saw more than 70% of the page
  • Then the visitor was on the page for more than 20 seconds
  • When the visitors did already see the popup 2 times or less
  • When the visitor is on a sub page of the Dutch blog

We have created a cookbook page which you can follow to create your own popups/modals when using the KunstmaanBundlesCMS. There you'll also find some detailed information how to create your own rules, and how you can extend the behavior.

Feel free to send a PR on github when you have created rules that can be useful for other projects or when you made some improvements.




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