We released version v3.1.1 of the Kunstmaan Bundles CMS. This post shows some of the most prominent updates.

Allow custom configuration for the ckEditors

It's now possible to create custom ckEditor toolbars by overriding the template AdminBundle/Resources/views/Default/_ckeditor_configs.html.twig. And then add the key as as an edit-mode data attribute on the wysiwyg form type.

$builder->add('name', 'wysiwyg', 
        'attr' => array(
            'type'  => 'mytype'

Don't create a session if it's not needed

Since Symfony changed the behaviour of the $request->hasSession() method, the SessionSecurityListener resulted in the creation of a session (set-cookie). If the system creates a different session cookie for each visitor, the caching strategy will probably be broken.

Show list of available groups when creating a new admin user via the console

More events

We added events on adding tabs to admin forms and user forms, pre and post events in the slugcontroller and on creation of a form submission.

  • kunstmaan_admin.adaptSimpleForm: occurs after a simple form is created, here it's possible to add a tabPane to a form without the need for the form to be connected to a node
  • kunstmaan_node.preSlugAction: occurs before the slug action
  • kunstmaan_node.postSlugAction: occurs after the slug action
  • kunstmaan_form.add_submission: occurs each time a new form submission gets saved

Only export rows that are matching the current adminlist filters

When you exported an adminlist, the active filters where not applied.

Validate entity names and database prefixes in the generators

When creating entities with the generator, you will be immediately informed when you tried to use unsupported words/characters.

Add priorities to media handlers

It was already possible to define your own custom media handlers, but now it's also possible to give them priorities.

And much much more...

This release is build with more then 50 pull requests, to see the complete list, check it on our github release page.

Special thanks to these contributors:


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