We released version v3.1.2 of the Kunstmaan Bundles CMS. This post will showcase some of the most interesting updates.

Create a duplicate of a page

Often you need to create pages that are very similar to another one. So we added a button that duplicates a page to the same location in the page tree as the page being duplicated. This reduces some of the work the website administrators have to do when creating pages. This is most useful for pages that share pageparts, but only need some of them to be altered. Of course it is still possible to change the parent after the new page has been created by using the drag and drop system.

When choosing a link in the link chooser it was not always clear if the page you were linking to was online or not, so we've added some indications to the link chooser that makes it way easier to see if a page is online or offline.

Does your company has a snazzy looking logo? Are you a website administrator? If the answers to both of those questions is yes then this feature is perfect for you! We've now made it possible to change the backend site name to a logo. So no more of that boring text in the upper left corner.

Use a custom CKEditor config.js file

Previously it was possible to override the CKEditor toolbar, which was very cool and all. But now it is possible to customize it even more! We've made it possible to override all the CKEditor config settings, and more importantly this would also allow for the loading of external CKEditor plugins.

And much much more...

To see the complete list of pull requests, checkout our github release page.

Special thanks to these contributors: