In the Kunstmaan Bundles admin interface, all media files (images, video's, documents, ...) are manageable via the "Media Manager". When you use it, you'll notice that it looks very similar to the file explorer window on your operating system of choice. Just like on your local file system, media files are stored in a folder structure, and it is very easy to add new files and organise them. 

Recently, we have added some new features to the Media Manager that are certainly worth mentioning.

Adding a list view

Until now, we had only a tile/thumbnail view that was used to display the media files inside a folder. But this thumbnail view was not very user friendly when you had lots of media files in one folder, so we added a "list view". By using the AdminListBundle's functionality to show the list, it is also possible to sort and filter the files (file name, file size, type, ...).

Bulk upload HTML5 fallback

In the media manger, there is an option to upload multiple files at once. We call this the bulk upload functionality. Until now, only browsers that support the HTML5 multiple file upload specification were able to use it. We have built in a fallback mechanism for older browsers by using the Plupload library. When there is no HTML5 support, the library falls back to the Flash or Silverlight browser plugin. This means that the bulk upload functionality now also works for Internet Exporer 8 and up!

The media chooser remembers the last used folder

When you want to add an image (or other media file) to a web page or pagepart, the cms will open a popup window named the "media chooser". In the media chooser you can navigate to the desired folder and select the media file you want to use. From now on, the media chooser will remember the last used folder, and jump directly in that folder when you use the media chooser the next time. This small change should save you some time when you are editing content.


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