Today we released a new stable version of the KunstmaanMediaBundle. The media folder structure was refactored, and it is now a nested tree. This should speed up the back-end tremendously if you have a lot of media folders.

We also added support for image previews of PDF files uploaded in media. This feature requires imagick and ghostscript support on the server, so make sure you have both of these installed in order to make it work (OS X users that use the native Apache as webserver should also check the Generating PDF thumbnails part of the README, because you might have to change the Apache configuration in order to make the PDF previews work on your local machine).

The downside of this release is that - apart from the schema changes - you are required to run a few commands to migrate from the previous version of the KunstmaanMediaBundle to the current one.

When you have pulled in the changes, first of all you should update the schema by running either :

app/console doctrine:schema:update --force


app/console doctrine:migrations:diff
app/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

Now the DB structure should have been updated, so here's the list of commands you have to run to finish the migration :

app/console kuma:media:migrate-name
app/console kuma:media:rebuild-folder-tree

Optionally, you can also run :

app/console kuma:media:create-pdf-previews

To generate image previews of PDF files that have already been uploaded.

For those interested, the list of changes (apart from code cleanup / refactorings) can be found in the Changelog.