At it's inception in 2011 the Kunstmaan Bundles CMS was setup as a loosly coupled set of bundles in they own git repository. Over the years more bundles appeared, and big changes often spanned over multiple bundles making merging these changes a living hell. All information, changelogs, upgrade files, etc also were dispersed over a dozen repositories resulting in a less than optimal upgrade experience. 

Following the example of Symfony, we have merged all bundles into one large repository at Kunstmaan/KunstmaanBundlesCMS. This repository will function as version 3.0-dev and the first version of this joined version will be 3.0.0. When a push happens on this repository, all read-only subsplits will update automatically.

This should not break any existing websites because all bundles still exist and use their own tags. The standard edition and all tagged composer.json files are fixed on 2.3.* where the merged repository will start from 3.0.0. Upgrading is as easy as moving to the latest composer.json from the standard editon. 

From this point on, we only accept issues and pull request on Kunstmaan/KunstmaanBundlesCMS.

This merge was tested extensively, but a change this drastic will most certainly bring some issues. We are fully committed to helpen you though them, just post an issue!