Last night we hosted both the Belgian PHPBenelux and Symfony communities. We had a full house and were lucky to have two very interesting talks. We hope that everyone had a great time and we will see you all at the next meetups!

Talk 1: "Bundle up your cms worries: here's Kunstmaan Bundles!" by Kim Ausloos from Kunstmaan.

Websites should be flexible and customizable. Setting them up should be easy and not time consuming. Budget and deadline constraints are important but the end result should be easy to adapt and flexible enough for expansions and growth. Not satisfied with the existing solutions (and we tried quite a few), we developed Kunstmaan Bundles, powered by Symfony. We’ll show you how Kunstmaan Bundles enables you to easily build a powerful cms, with just a few commands and… in no time.

Talk 2: "Refactoring towards Dependency Injection" by Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse from ONE-Agency

Frameworks like Symfony have embraced dependency injection, which is based on the Dependency Inversion Principle. But do we develop with this principle in mind? How do we avoid anti-patterns like Service Locator? More importantly, how do we extract our dependencies from our controllers or console-commands?

Missed it?

In case you missed it, don't worry. We wil have video of the two talks available on this page soon, and if possible the presentation from Stijn.