More deprecation, NewRelicBundle is replaced with EkinoNewRelicBundle

Another depreciation today, our NewRelicBundle changed the transactionname in New Relic to something more useful than app.php. At this time both New Relic has an updated Agent that handles this basic use case, but there is also an advanced bundle that does a lot more. The EkinoNewRelicBundle has replaced our own bundle and migrating is very easy.

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Deprecated the KunstmaanSentryBundle in favor of Monolog

Yesterday we got an issue on the KunstmaanSentryBundle by Miloslav Nenadál asking us why we needed this bundle since Monolog has a built in Sentry connector. We checked it out and indeed for about a year Monolog can handle sending exceptions to Sentry. It did not at the time we created this bundle, but since there is no reason to keep maintaining it we depecated the KunstmaanSentryBundle and moved it to a legacy organisation. If you are using this bundle, it will keep working but it's better to remove this dependency completely from your project.

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Extending the admin User entity

From now on, it is possible to use your own admin User entity that will be used in the admin interface. This comes in handy when you want to store some extra information for the administators (eg. first name, last name, department, phone number, ...).

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