Supporting multiple environments with KunstmaanSentryBundle

As a few of the KunstmaanSentryBundle users were asking for support for multiple environments, we decided it would be a good idea to refactor the bundle so this would become possible using the standard Symfony2 workflow. As this refactoring has some backwards compatibility issues, we'd like to clearly show what you have to change to keep getting Sentry messages for your projects.

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Generating Behat tests when creating pageparts

At Kunstmaan we always try to devilver high quality projects. This implicates that we (developers) are spending quite some time writing unit -and functional tests, in order to prevent regressions from being introduced and released. For our function tests, we are using the popular Behat framework. Recently, we have introduced the pagepart generator, and today were are releasing a feature on top of it. From now on it is possible to automatically generate Behat tests when you create a new pagepart.

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Using sub entities in pageparts

The entire content management workflow of our CMS is based upon pages and pageparts. A page consists of a number of default and/or custom pageparts. In some cases, those pageparts need to contain a set of repetitive fields. Unfortunately, util now it was not possible to have sub entities in pageparts. With some changes in the Admin -and PagePartBundle it is now possible to add/edit nested entities in the pagepart forms on the admin interface.

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