A rebuilt SearchBundle using ElasticSearch and Sherlock

A reliable search engine is a default requirement for any selfrespecting website nowadays. This project always had a SearchBundle, but it's implementation was flawed both in setup as in third party libraries used. We totally rebuilt this version from the ground up on top of ElasticSearch (a Lucene based search engine) and Sherlock.

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Additional SEO features: KunstmaanSitemapBundle

Almost all websites have sitemap functionality and it does almost always exactly the same: display a tree with pages from your website for your regular visitors and generate xml files for Google. Because the functionality is always the same we implemented the KunstmaanSitemapBundle and use it in our new projects. It saves us some valuable time and is quite easy to set up.

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Announcing the LiveReloadBundle

Wouldn't it be great if your browser would just reload automatically when you are making changes to your styling, javascript or templates? This is exactly what the LiveReloadBundle set out to do.

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A solid and automated front-end development workflow

While developing websites based on Symfony2 is an awesome experience due to useful console tasks, code reuse through bundles and other general development best practices, the front-end development in such a website is unfortunately mostly left out in the cold. While the front-end community is very active as well, we had little to no interation between the two communities. This was something we wanted to change and in the process of overhauling all our bundles, we also extended our integration of advanced front-end tooling in our Bundles.

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Manage translations with the new KunstmaanTranslatorBundle

As a company located in Belgium, Kunstmaan is always asked to build multilingual websites. Dutch, French are a given, and often several other language as well. One of the reasons we started with the Kunstmaan Bundles project was because none of the other solutions was able to do this reliably. But, until now, all database related content was easily manageable in the admin interface, but minor translations (words, taglines, formlabels, error messages) were administered in the native Symfony2 translation files. This is why we created the KunstmaanTranslatorBundle, a bundle which enables editing translations in the admin interface without need for editing the translations files. Translations will be stored in a (default) database and retrieved on the most efficient way possible.

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