Build websites faster with the Page and PagePart Generator

Our entire content management workflow is based upon pages and pageparts. A page consists of a number of default and/or custom pageparts. These pageparts allow us to offer advanced page content to end users, without sacrificing usability, abstaction of technical implementation and content from prestation separation. Unfortunately, even a medium size website exists of a couple of different page types and a dozen of custom pageparts. While these are very simple to create, just adding up the time for the menial part of the creation resulted in a sizable amount of time. And, almost as important, since it's menial work, what developer wants to spend a lot of time on it... This is why we created the Page and PagePart Generator.

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A major iteration of the Kunstmaan Bundles CMS

A lot has happened since the first public release of the Kunstmaan Bundles early 2013. We've built quite a few challenging new projects using these bundles (for those not under NDA, check the Showcase section), Symfony itself went through several major releases, and we've spent a lot of resources on improving and streamlining the bundles and the developer workflow with the bundles. Today I want to announce our next big iteration of the bundles, version 2.3. This release is the result of six months of hard work by over 20 contributers who've managed to do more than 5000 contributions. It's a fair assumption to state that no line in these bundes remained untouched. In this article I'll highlight some of these improvements.

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